The encapsulation of a drag-and-drop action that supports modification of the drag while in progress.


class NSDraggingSession : NSObject


You start a new dragging session by calling the NSView method beginDraggingSession(with:event:source:) method. This method immediately returns and you can further modify the properties of the dragging session. The actual drag begins at the next turn of the run loop.


Dragging Pasteboard

var draggingPasteboard: NSPasteboard

Returns the pasteboard object that contains the data being dragged.

Dragging Visual Representation

var animatesToStartingPositionsOnCancelOrFail: Bool

Controls whether the dragging image animates back to its starting point on a cancelled or failed drag.

var draggingFormation: NSDraggingFormation

Controls the dragging formation when the drag is not over the source or a valid destination.

Identifying the Dragging Session

var draggingSequenceNumber: Int

Returns a number that uniquely identifies the dragging session.

Dragging Session Location

var draggingLocation: NSPoint

The current cursor location of the drag in screen coordinates.

Dragging Item Location

var draggingLeaderIndex: Int

The index of the dragging item under the cursor.


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Drag Sources

protocol NSDraggingSource

A set of methods that are implemented by the source object in a dragging session.

class NSDraggingItem

A single dragged item within a dragging session.

class NSDraggingImageComponent

A single object in a dragging item.