Sets whether the use of modifier keys should have an effect on the type of operation performed.


- (BOOL)ignoreModifierKeysWhileDragging

Return Value

Return NO, if the user can tailor the drag operation by holding down a modifier key during the drag.


If this method is not implemented the default behavior is equivalent to returning NO

The dragging option that corresponds to the modifier key is combined with the source’s mask (as set with the draggingSourceOperationMaskForLocal: method) using the C bitwise OR operator. See the description for the draggingSourceOperationMask method in the NSDraggingInfo protocol specification for more information about dragging masks and modifier keys.

See Also

Dragging Options

- draggingSourceOperationMaskForLocal:

Returns an integer bit mask indicating the types of dragging operations the source object will allow to be performed on the dragged image's data.

- namesOfPromisedFilesDroppedAtDestination:

Returns the names of the files that the receiver promises to create at a specified location.