Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether precise scrolling deltas are available.


var hasPreciseScrollingDeltas: Bool { get }


This property is set to true if precise scrolling deltas are available; otherwise, false.

This property is valid for NSScrollWheel events. A generic scroll wheel issues rather coarse scroll deltas. Some mice and trackpads provide much more precise delta. This method determines how the values of the scrollingDeltaX and scrollingDeltaY should be interpreted.

See Also

Scroll Wheel and Flick Events

var scrollingDeltaX: CGFloat

The scroll wheel’s horizontal delta.

var scrollingDeltaY: CGFloat

The scroll wheel’s vertical delta.

var momentumPhase: NSEvent.Phase

The momentum phase for a scroll or flick gesture.

var phase: NSEvent.Phase

The phase of a gesture event, such as a magnify, scroll, or pressure change.

struct NSEvent.Phase

Constants that represent the possible phases during an event phase.

struct NSEvent.SwipeTrackingOptions

Constants that specify swipe-tracking options.

var isDirectionInvertedFromDevice: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the user has changed the device inversion.