Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether a pointing device is entering or leaving the proximity of its tablet.


var isEnteringProximity: Bool { get }


This property is set to true when the pointing device enters the proximity of its tablet and false when it leaves.

This method is valid only for mouse events with subtype NSTabletProximityEventSubtype and for NSTabletProximity events; otherwise it is set to false.

See Also

Getting Tablet Proximity Information

var capabilityMask: Int

A mask whose set bits indicate the capabilities of the tablet device that generated this event.

var deviceID: Int

A special identifier that is used to match tablet-pointer and tablet-proximity events.

var pointingDeviceID: Int

The index of the pointing device currently in proximity with the tablet.

var pointingDeviceSerialNumber: Int

The vendor-assigned serial number of a pointing device.

var pointingDeviceType: NSEvent.PointingDeviceType

The kind of pointing device associated with this event.

enum NSEvent.PointingDeviceType

The pointing-device types for tablet-proximity events or mouse events with a proximity event subtype.

var systemTabletID: Int

The index of the tablet device connected to the system.

var tabletID: Int

The USB model identifier of the tablet device associated with this event.

var uniqueID: UInt64

The unique identifier of the pointing device that generated this event.

var vendorID: Int

The vendor identifier of the tablet associated with the event.

var vendorPointingDeviceType: Int

A coded bit field whose set bits indicate the type of pointing device (within a vendor selection) associated with the event.