Instance Property


The identifier of a mouse-tracking event.


var trackingNumber: Int { get }


This property contains either an NSTrackingArea object or a NSView.TrackingRectTag constant depending on whether the event was generated from an NSTrackingArea object or a call to addTrackingRect(_:owner:userData:assumeInside:). Valid mouse-tracking events are of types NSMouseEntered, NSMouseExited, and NSCursorUpdate. This method raises an NSInternalInconsistencyException if sent to any other type of event.

See Also

Getting Mouse-Tracking Event Information

var eventNumber: Int

The counter value of the latest mouse or tracking-rectangle event object; every system-generated mouse and tracking-rectangle event increments this counter.

var userData: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?

The data associated with a mouse-tracking event.