Instance Property


A mask whose set bits indicate the capabilities of the tablet device that generated this event.


var capabilityMask: Int { get }


These bits are vendor-defined. This property is valid only for mouse events with a subtype of NSTabletProximityEventSubtype and for events of type NSTabletProximity; otherwise, it is set to 0.

See Also

Getting Tablet Proximity Information

var deviceID: Int

A special identifier that is used to match tablet-pointer and tablet-proximity events.

var isEnteringProximity: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether a pointing device is entering or leaving the proximity of its tablet.

var pointingDeviceID: Int

The index of the pointing device currently in proximity with the tablet.

var pointingDeviceSerialNumber: Int

The vendor-assigned serial number of a pointing device.

var pointingDeviceType: NSEvent.PointingDeviceType

The kind of pointing device associated with this event.

enum NSEvent.PointingDeviceType

The pointing-device types for tablet-proximity events or mouse events with a proximity event subtype.

var systemTabletID: Int

The index of the tablet device connected to the system.

var tabletID: Int

The USB model identifier of the tablet device associated with this event.

var uniqueID: UInt64

The unique identifier of the pointing device that generated this event.

var vendorID: Int

The vendor identifier of the tablet associated with the event.

var vendorPointingDeviceType: Int

A coded bit field whose set bits indicate the type of pointing device (within a vendor selection) associated with the event.