Instance Property


The NSTrackingArea object for the event.


var trackingArea: NSTrackingArea? { get }


If accessed on an event that is not a mouse-tracking event (that is, an event of type NSMouseEntered, NSMouseExited, or NSCursorUpdate), this property raises an internalInconsistencyException.

If no NSTrackingArea object is associated with the event because the event corresponds to a tracking rectangle installed with the NSView method addTrackingRect(_:owner:userData:assumeInside:), this method returns nil. Note that the trackingNumber property returns either an NSTrackingArea object or the NSView.TrackingRectTag constant depending on how the event was generated.

See Also

Getting Mouse-Tracking Event Information

var eventNumber: Int

The counter value of the latest mouse or tracking-rectangle event object; every system-generated mouse and tracking-rectangle event increments this counter.

var trackingNumber: Int

The identifier of a mouse-tracking event.

var userData: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?

The data associated with a mouse-tracking event.