Type Property


Returns the currently pressed modifier flags.


class var modifierFlags: NSEvent.ModifierFlags { get }

Return Value

A mask of the current modifiers using the values in Modifier Flags.


This returns the state of devices combined with synthesized events at the moment, independent of which events have been delivered via the event stream.

See Also

Getting Key Event Information

struct NSEvent.ModifierFlags

Flags that represent key states in an event object.

class var keyRepeatDelay: TimeInterval

Returns the length of time a key must be held down in order to generate the first key repeat event.

class var keyRepeatInterval: TimeInterval

Returns the length between subsequent key repeat events being posted.

var characters: String?

The characters associated with a key-up or key-down event.

var charactersIgnoringModifiers: String?

The characters generated by a key event as if no modifier key (except for Shift) applies.

var isARepeat: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the key event is a repeat.

var keyCode: UInt16

The virtual key code for the keyboard key associated with a key event.