Enumeration Case


An event that represents a nonspecific type of gesture.


case gesture = 29


NSEvent.EventType.gesture represents a gesture that is not otherwise specified by a type such as NSEvent.EventType.magnify, NSEvent.EventType.swipe, NSEvent.EventType.rotate, NSEvent.EventType.beginGesture, or NSEvent.EventType.endGesture

See Also

Event Types

case magnify

An event representing a pinch open or pinch close gesture.

case swipe

An event representing a swipe gesture.

case rotate

An event representing a rotation gesture.

case beginGesture

An event that represents a gesture beginning.

case endGesture

An event that represents a gesture ending.

case smartMagnify

An event representing the smart zoom gesture.

case pressure

An event representing a change in pressure on a pressure-sensitive device (requires a 64-bit processor).

case quickLook

Supports the event responder method that initiates a Quicklook.