Constants that represent the possible phases during an event phase.


struct Phase



static var began: NSEvent.Phase

An event phase has begun.

static var stationary: NSEvent.Phase

An event phase is in progress but hasn't moved since the previous event.

static var changed: NSEvent.Phase

An event phase has changed.

static var ended: NSEvent.Phase

The event phase ended.

static var cancelled: NSEvent.Phase

The system canceled the event phase.

static var mayBegin: NSEvent.Phase

The system event phase may begin.


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See Also

Scroll Wheel and Flick Events

var hasPreciseScrollingDeltas: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether precise scrolling deltas are available.

var scrollingDeltaX: CGFloat

The scroll wheel’s horizontal delta.

var scrollingDeltaY: CGFloat

The scroll wheel’s vertical delta.

var momentumPhase: NSEvent.Phase

The momentum phase for a scroll or flick gesture.

var phase: NSEvent.Phase

The phase of a gesture event, such as a magnify, scroll, or pressure change.

struct NSEvent.SwipeTrackingOptions

Constants that specify swipe-tracking options.

var isDirectionInvertedFromDevice: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the user has changed the device inversion.