An object that provides a promise for the pasteboard.


@interface NSFilePromiseProvider : NSObject


A file promise is a possible future file of a specified type. When you're working with drag and drop, use promises to indicate intent for future action. Avoid loading or performing any actions on the file until the promise completes.

Use the NSFilePromiseProvider class when creating file promises. Instantiate one NSFilePromiseProvider for each file promised. Set the fileType and delegate properties before writing any NSFilePromiseProvider to the pasteboard. The file type must be a Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) that ultimately conforms to kUTTypeData or kUTTypeDirectory. The NSFilePromiseProviderDelegate will write the promised file to the destination directory.

Optionally, you may attach a userInfo object of your choosing to the NSFilePromiseProvider to determine which promise is being referenced when promising multiple files under the same NSFilePromiseProviderDelegate instance.



- init

Initializes a file promise provider.

- initWithFileType:delegate:

Initializes a file promise provider for a certain file type.

Instance Properties


The file type of the file promise provider.


Optional user information to pass to the file promise provider.


Inherits From

See Also

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