Instance Method


Specifies how a focus ring will be drawn.


func set()



Specifies how you want the focus ring to be drawn.


Use NSFocusRingPlacement.above to draw the focus ring over an image, use NSFocusRingPlacement.below to draw the focus ring under text, and use NSFocusRingPlacement.only if you don’t have an image or text. For the NSFocusRingPlacement.only case, fills a shape to add the focus ring around the shape.

Note that the focus ring may actually be drawn outside the view but will be clipped to any clipping superview or the window content view.

See Also

Drawing Focus Rings

enum NSFocusRingPlacement

The focus ring style indicates how the focus ring will be drawn.

enum NSFocusRingType

The focus ring type is used by NSView and NSCell to configure if and how a control should draw its focus ring.