Instance Method


Returns an array of the advancements for the specified glyphs rendered by the receiver.


func getAdvancements(_ advancements: NSSizeArray, forCGGlyphs glyphs: UnsafePointer<CGGlyph>, count glyphCount: Int)


Returns in advancements an array of the advancements for the glyphs specified by glyphs and rendered by the receiver. The glyphCount value must specify the count of glyphs passed in glyphs.

See Also

Getting Glyph Advancements

var maximumAdvancement: NSSize

The maximum advance of any of the font’s glyphs.

func advancement(forCGGlyph: CGGlyph) -> NSSize

Returns the nominal spacing for the given glyph—the distance the current point moves after showing the glyph—accounting for the receiver’s size.