Type Property


Returns all named collections visible to this process.


class var allFontCollectionNames: [NSFontCollection.Name] { get }

Return Value

NSString objects containing the names of all the named collections.

See Also

Naming the Font Collection

class func rename(fromName: NSFontCollection.Name, visibility: NSFontCollection.Visibility, toName: NSFontCollection.Name)

Renames the font collection with the specified name and visibility to the second name specified.

class func hide(withName: NSFontCollection.Name, visibility: NSFontCollection.Visibility)

Remove from view the named font collection with the specified visibility.

struct NSFontCollection.Name

The constants represent the standard mutable collection names—these names are included in the list of allFontCollectionNames--they have special meaning to the Cocoa font system and should not be hidden or renamed.

struct NSFontCollection.Visibility

Constants that specify the visibility of font collections.