Type Method


Make the given font collection visible by giving it a name.


class func show(_ collection: NSFontCollection, withName name: NSFontCollection.Name, visibility: NSFontCollection.Visibility) throws



The font collection to make visible.


The name to associate with the collection.


The visibility of the collection to show.


If unsuccessful, a reference to an NSFileManager error object that encapsulates the reason the font collection could not be renamed.

Return Value

true if the method was successful; false otherwise.


Named collections are shown by user interfaces such as the Font panel. When you change the collection, you must show it again to see the changes reflected on disk or in the Font panel.

See Also

Naming the Font Collection

class func rename(fromName: NSFontCollection.Name, visibility: NSFontCollection.Visibility, toName: NSFontCollection.Name)

Renames the font collection with the specified name and visibility to the second name specified.

class func hide(withName: NSFontCollection.Name, visibility: NSFontCollection.Visibility)

Remove from view the named font collection with the specified visibility.

class var allFontCollectionNames: [NSFontCollection.Name]

Returns all named collections visible to this process.

struct NSFontCollection.Name

The constants represent the standard mutable collection names—these names are included in the list of allFontCollectionNames--they have special meaning to the Cocoa font system and should not be hidden or renamed.

struct NSFontCollection.Visibility

Constants that specify the visibility of font collections.