These constants are used as keys in the didChangeNotification userInfo dictionary to indicate the changes that have taken place.


struct UserInfoKey


User Info Keys

class let actionUserInfoKey: NSFontCollection.UserInfoKey

An action was taken. See NSFontCollectionAction Key Values for the possible values. An NSString.

class let nameUserInfoKey: NSFontCollection.UserInfoKey

The font collection’s name. If renamed, this is the new name. An NSString.

class let oldNameUserInfoKey: NSFontCollection.UserInfoKey

Included as a value for the oldNameUserInfoKey key, if present. This is the previous name. An NSString.

class let visibilityUserInfoKey: NSFontCollection.UserInfoKey

The visibly of the font collection. An NSNumber containing a value from the NSFontCollection.Visibility enum.


See Also

Responding to Changes

class let didChangeNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted whenever a font collection is changed.

struct NSFontCollection.ActionTypeKey

The following actions are possible values of the actionUserInfoKey in the didChangeNotification userInfo method.