Instance Property


The last font recorded.


@property(readonly, strong) NSFont *selectedFont;


The value of this property is the last font recorded with a setSelectedFont:isMultiple: message.

While fonts are being converted in response to a convertFont: message, you can determine the font selected in the Font panel like this:

NSFontManager *fontManager = [NSFontManager sharedFontManager];
panelFont = [fontManager convertFont:[fontManager.selectedFont]];

See Also

Setting and Examining the Selected Font

- setSelectedFont:isMultiple:

Records the given font as the currently selected font and updates the Font panel to reflect this.


A Boolean value that indicates if the last font selection recorded has multiple fonts.

- sendAction

A Boolean value that indicates if the font manager’s action message was handled.

- localizedNameForFamily:face:

Returns a localized string with the name of the specified font family and face, if one exists.