Instance Method


Records the given font as the currently selected font and updates the Font panel to reflect this.


- (void)setSelectedFont:(NSFont *)fontObj isMultiple:(BOOL)flag;



The font to set as selected.


If YES, the Font panel indicates that more than one font is contained in the selection; if NO, it does not.


An object that manipulates fonts should invoke this method whenever it becomes first responder and whenever its selection changes. It shouldn’t invoke this method in the process of handling a changeFont: message, as this causes the font manager to lose the information necessary to effect the change. After all fonts have been converted, the font manager itself records the new selected font.

See Also

Setting and Examining the Selected Font


The last font recorded.


A Boolean value that indicates if the last font selection recorded has multiple fonts.

- sendAction

A Boolean value that indicates if the font manager’s action message was handled.

- localizedNameForFamily:face:

Returns a localized string with the name of the specified font family and face, if one exists.