The NSFormCell class is used to implement text entry fields in a form. The left part of an NSFormCell object contains a title. The right part contains an editable text entry field.


An NSFormCell object implements the user interface of an NSForm object.


Initializing an NSFormCell

init(textCell: String?)

Returns an NSFormCell object initialized with the specified title string.

Asking About a Cell’s Appearance

var isOpaque: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the title is empty and an opaque bezel is set.

Accessing a Cell’s Title

var attributedTitle: NSAttributedString

The title of the cell as an attributed string.

var title: String

The cell’s title text.

var titleAlignment: NSTextAlignment

The alignment of the title.

var titleBaseWritingDirection: NSWritingDirection

The default writing direction used to render the form cell’s title.

var titleFont: NSFont

The font used to draw cell’s title.

var titleWidth: CGFloat

The width of the title field.

Asking About Placeholder Values

var placeholderAttributedString: NSAttributedString?

The cell’s attributed placeholder string.

var placeholderString: String?

The cell’s plain text placeholder string.

Sizing for Auto Layout

var preferredTextFieldWidth: CGFloat

The preferred text field width.

Instance Methods

func titleWidth(NSSize)

Returns the width of the title field constrained to the specified size.


Inherits From

See Also

Views and Controls

class NSForm

An NSForm object is a vertical matrix of NSFormCell objects to implement the fields.

class NSMenuItemCell

An object that handles the measurement and display of a single menu item in its encompassing frame.

func NSReleaseAlertPanel(Any!)

Disposes of an alert panel.