The NSFormCell class is used to implement text entry fields in a form. The left part of an NSFormCell object contains a title. The right part contains an editable text entry field.


class NSFormCell : NSActionCell


An NSFormCell object implements the user interface of an NSForm object.


Initializing an NSFormCell

init(textCell: String?)

Returns an NSFormCell object initialized with the specified title string.

Asking About a Cell’s Appearance

var isOpaque: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the title is empty and an opaque bezel is set.

Accessing a Cell’s Title

var attributedTitle: NSAttributedString

The title of the cell as an attributed string.

var title: String

The cell’s title text.

var titleAlignment: NSTextAlignment

The alignment of the title.

var titleBaseWritingDirection: NSWritingDirection

The default writing direction used to render the form cell’s title.

var titleFont: NSFont

The font used to draw cell’s title.

var titleWidth: CGFloat

The width of the title field.

Asking About Placeholder Values

var placeholderAttributedString: NSAttributedString?

The cell’s attributed placeholder string.

var placeholderString: String?

The cell’s plain text placeholder string.

Sizing for Auto Layout

var preferredTextFieldWidth: CGFloat

The preferred text field width.

Instance Methods

func titleWidth(NSSize) -> CGFloat

Returns the width of the title field constrained to the specified size.


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