Instance Property


The receiver’s global compositing operation setting.


var compositingOperation: NSCompositingOperation { get set }


The compositing operation is a global attribute of the graphics context and affects drawing operations that do not take an explicit compositing operation parameter. For methods that do take an explicit compositing operation parameter, the value of that parameter supersedes the global value. The compositing operations are related to (but different from) the blend mode settings used in Quartz. Only the default compositing operation (NSCompositeCopy) is supported when rendering PDF or PostScript content. See NSCompositingOperation for valid constants.

See Also

Configuring Rendering Options

enum NSCompositingOperation

Compositing operators, described in terms of having source and destination images, each having an opaque and transparent region.

var imageInterpolation: NSImageInterpolation

A constant that specifies the receiver’s interpolation (image smoothing) behavior.

enum NSImageInterpolation

Interpolations used by the imageInterpolation property.

var shouldAntialias: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver uses antialiasing.

var patternPhase: NSPoint

The amount to offset the pattern color when filling the receiver.