Instance Property


The image’s caching mode.


@property NSImageCacheMode cacheMode;


The caching mode determines when the image representations use offscreen caches. Offscreen caches speed up rendering time but do so by using extra memory. In the default caching mode (NSImageCacheDefault), each image representation chooses the caching technique that produces the fastest drawing times. For example, in the default mode, the NSPDFImageRep and NSEPSImageRep classes use the NSImageCacheAlways mode but the NSBitmapImageRep class uses the NSImageCacheBySize mode. For a list of possible values, see NSImageCacheMode. This value is set to NSImageCacheDefault by default.

For more information on image caching behavior, see the Images chapter of Cocoa Drawing Guide.

See Also

Managing Caching Options

- recache

Invalidates and frees offscreen caches of all image representations.


Constants that specify the caching policy on a per-image basis.