Instance Property


An array containing all of the receiver's image representations.


var representations: [NSImageRep] { get }


This property can contain zero or more NSImageRep objects.

See Also

Working with Image Representations

func addRepresentation(NSImageRep)

Adds the specified image representation object to the image.

func addRepresentations([NSImageRep])

Adds an array of image representation objects to the receiver.

func removeRepresentation(NSImageRep)

Removes and releases the specified image representation.

func bestRepresentation(for: NSRect, context: NSGraphicsContext?, hints: [NSImageRep.HintKey : Any]?) -> NSImageRep?

Returns the best representation of the image for the specified rectangle using the provided hints.

struct NSImageRep.HintKey

Constants for the keys to include in a hints dictionary when drawing the image.

enum NSImage.LayoutDirection

The layout direction for the image.