Instance Method


Returns a data object containing TIFF data with the specified compression settings for all of the image representations in the receiver.


- (NSData *)TIFFRepresentationUsingCompression:(NSTIFFCompression)comp factor:(float)factor;



The type of compression to use. For a list of values, see the constants in NSBitmapImageRep.


Provides a hint for compression types that implement variable compression ratios. Currently, only JPEG compression uses a compression factor.

Return Value

A data object containing the TIFF data, or nil if the TIFF data could not be created.


You can use the returned data object to write the TIFF data to a file. If the specified compression isn’t applicable, no compression is used. If a problem is encountered during generation of the TIFF data, this method may raise an exception.

If one of the receiver's image representations does not support the creation of TIFF data natively (PDF and EPS images, for example), this method creates the TIFF data from that representation's cached content.

Additional image formats can be saved by using the NSBitmapImageRep method representationUsingType:properties:.

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A data object containing TIFF data for all of the image representations in the receiver.