Instance Method


Adds an array of image representation objects to the receiver.


- (void)addRepresentations:(NSArray<NSImageRep *> *)imageReps;



An array of NSImageRep objects.


After invoking this method, you may need to explicitly set features of the new image representations, such as their size, number of colors, and so on. This is true particularly when the NSImage object has multiple image representations to choose from. See NSImageRep and its subclasses for the methods you use to complete initialization.

Representations added by this method are retained by the receiver. Image representations cannot be shared among multiple NSImage objects.

See Also

Working with Image Representations

- addRepresentation:

Adds the specified image representation object to the image.


An array containing all of the receiver's image representations.

- removeRepresentation:

Removes and releases the specified image representation.

- bestRepresentationForRect:context:hints:

Returns the best representation of the image for the specified rectangle using the provided hints.


Constants for the keys to include in a hints dictionary when drawing the image.


The layout direction for the image.