Instance Property


The size of the receiver.


@property NSSize size;


Defaults to {0.0, 0.0} if no size has been set and the size cannot be determined from any of the receiver's image representations. If the size of the image hasn’t already been set when an image representation is added, the size is taken from the image representation's data. For EPS images, the size is taken from the image's bounding box. For TIFF images, the size is taken from the ImageLength and ImageWidth attributes.

Changing the size of an NSImage after it has been used effectively resizes the image. Changing the size invalidates all its caches and frees them. When the image is next composited, the selected representation will draw itself in an offscreen window to recreate the cache.

See Also

Setting the Image Attributes


Sets whether the image represents a template image.

- isTemplate

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the image is a template image.