A set of optional methods that you can use to respond to drawing failures and manage incremental loads.


protocol NSImageDelegate


Responding to Drawing Failure

func imageDidNotDraw(NSImage, in: NSRect) -> NSImage?

Tells the delegate that the image object is unable, for whatever reason, to lock focus on its image or draw in the specified rectangle.

Managing Incremental Loads

func image(NSImage, didLoadPartOfRepresentation: NSImageRep, withValidRows: Int)

Tells the delegate that part of the incrementally loaded image data is available.

func image(NSImage, didLoadRepresentation: NSImageRep, with: NSImage.LoadStatus)

Tells the delegate that an incrementally loaded image has been loaded and decompressed as completely as is possible.

func image(NSImage, didLoadRepresentationHeader: NSImageRep)

Tells the delegate that enough data has been read to determine the size of the image.

func image(NSImage, willLoadRepresentation: NSImageRep)

Tells the delegate that the image object is about to access its underlying bitmap data.

enum NSImage.LoadStatus

Status values for incremental image loading.


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