These constants define the behavior of NSLayoutManager and NSTypesetter when laying out lines. They are used by typesetterBehavior to control the compatibility level of the typesetter.


enum TypesetterBehavior : Int



case originalBehavior

The original typesetter behavior, as shipped with macOS 10.1 and earlier.

case behavior_10_2_WithCompatibility

Typesetting same as NSTypesetterBehavior_10_2 but using line widths and height metric calculations that are the same as with NSTypesetterOriginalBehavior.

case behavior_10_2

The typesetter behavior introduced in macOS 10.2. This typesetter behavior provides enhanced line and character spacing accuracy and supports more languages than the original typesetter behavior.

case behavior_10_3

The typesetter behavior introduced in macOS 10.3.

case behavior_10_4

The typesetter behavior introduced in macOS version 10.4.