Instance Method


Sends the double-click action message to the target of the receiver.


func sendDoubleAction()


If the receiver doesn't have a double-click action, the double-click action message of the selected cell (as returned by selectedCell) is sent to the selected cell’s target. Finally, if the selected cell also has no action, then the single-click action of the receiver is sent to the target of the receiver.

If the selected cell is disabled, this method does nothing.

Your code shouldn’t invoke this method; it’s sent in response to a double-click event in the NSMatrix. Override it if you need to change the search order for an action to send.

See Also

Managing and Sending Action Messages

func sendAction() -> Bool

If the selected cell has both an action and a target, sends its action to its target.

func sendAction(Selector, to: Any, forAllCells: Bool)

Iterates through the cells in the receiver, sending the specified selector to an object for each cell.

var doubleAction: Selector?

The action sent to the target of the receiver when the user double-clicks a cell.