Instance Method


Selects the last cell with the given tag.


- (BOOL)selectCellWithTag:(NSInteger)tag;



The tag of the cell to select.

Return Value

YES if the receiver contains a cell whose tag matches anInt, or NO if no such cell exists


If the matrix has at least one cell whose tag is equal to anInt, the last cell (when viewing the matrix as a row-ordered array) is selected. If the specified cell is an editable text cell, its text is selected.

See Also

Selecting and Deselecting Cells

- selectCellAtRow:column:

Selects the cell at the specified row and column within the receiver.

- selectAll:

Selects and highlights all cells in the receiver.


The cell that will be clicked when the user presses the Space bar.

- setSelectionFrom:to:anchor:highlight:

Programmatically selects a range of cells.

- deselectAllCells

Deselects all cells in the receiver and, if necessary, redisplays the receiver.

- deselectSelectedCell

Deselects the selected cell or cells.