Instance Property


The action sent to the target of the receiver when the user double-clicks a cell.


@property SEL doubleAction;


The double-click action of an NSMatrix is sent after the appropriate single-click action (for the NSCell clicked, or for the NSMatrix if the NSCell doesn’t have its own action). If there is no double-click action and the NSMatrix doesn’t ignore multiple clicks, the single-click action is sent twice. If the value of this property is a non-nil selector, this property also sets ignoresMultiClick to NO; otherwise, it leaves ignoresMultiClick unchanged.

See Also

Managing and Sending Action Messages

- sendAction

If the selected cell has both an action and a target, sends its action to its target.

- sendAction:to:forAllCells:

Iterates through the cells in the receiver, sending the specified selector to an object for each cell.

- sendDoubleAction

Sends the double-click action message to the target of the receiver.