Instance Method


Selects text in the currently selected cell or in the key cell.


func selectText(_ sender: Any?)


If the currently selected cell is editable and enabled, its text is selected. Otherwise, the key cell is selected.

See Also

Editing Text in Cells

func selectText(atRow: Int, column: Int) -> NSCell?

Selects the text in the cell at the specified location and returns the cell.

func textShouldBeginEditing(NSText) -> Bool

Requests permission to begin editing text.

func textDidBeginEditing(Notification)

Invoked when there’s a change in the text after the receiver gains first responder status.

func textDidChange(Notification)

Invoked when a key-down event or paste operation occurs that changes the receiver’s contents.

func textShouldEndEditing(NSText) -> Bool

Requests permission to end editing.

func textDidEndEditing(Notification)

Invoked when text editing ends.