Instance Property


The width of the image used to indicate the state of the menu item.


@property(readonly) CGFloat stateImageWidth;


If the menu item has multiple images associated with it (to indicate any of the available states: on, off, or mixed), this property contains the width of the largest image. You can set the state images for a menu item using the setOnStateImage:, setOffStateImage:, and setMixedStateImage: methods of NSMenuItem.

To change the state of the cell’s menu item, use the setState: method of NSMenuItem.

See Also

Calculating the Size of a Menu Item

- calcSize

Calculates the minimum required width and height of the receiver’s menu item.


A Boolean value indicating whether the size of the menu needs to be calculated.


The width of the image associated with the menu item.


The width of the menu item’s text, measured in points.


The width of the menu item’s key equivalent string.