A constant for glyph packing.


enum NSMultibyteGlyphPacking : UInt


Cocoa stores all text data as Unicode. The text system converts Unicode into glyph IDs and places them in 1-, 2-, or 4-byte storage depending on the context. To render text, you must convert the storage into a format the text engine understands. The following constants describe the glyph packing schemes the text rendering engine can use. They are used to extract glyphs from a font for making a multibyte (or single-byte) array of glyphs for passing to an interpreter, such as the window server, which expects a big-endian multibyte stream (that is, “packed glyphs”) instead of a pure NSGlyph stream. They’re used by glyphPacking. With Quartz, the engine always expects the format to be in 2-byte short array, so NSNativeShortGlyphPacking is the only format currently in use.


Packing Options

case nativeShortGlyphPacking

The native format for macOS.