A mutable collection of fonts used to create a modifiable version of the NSFontCollection class.


You can use this class to modify the search queries for the font descriptors used by the parent NSFontCollection class.


Managing Descriptor Queries

var queryDescriptors: [NSFontDescriptor]?

A list of NSFontDescriptors to match.

func addQuery(for: [NSFontDescriptor])

Edit the query and exclusion arrays by adding the following font descriptors.

func removeQuery(for: [NSFontDescriptor])

Edit the query and exclusion arrays by removing the following font descriptors..

var exclusionDescriptors: [NSFontDescriptor]?

Descriptors that are excluded from matching descriptors.


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class NSFontManager

The center of activity for the font conversion system.

class NSFontCollection

A font collection, which is a group of font descriptors taken together as a single object.

struct NSFontCollectionOptions

Constants that support font collection management.

struct NSFontCollection.Visibility

Constants that specify the visibility of font collections.