Instance Method


Returns an NSOpenGLContext object initialized with the specified pixel format information.


- (instancetype)initWithFormat:(NSOpenGLPixelFormat *)format shareContext:(NSOpenGLContext *)share;



The pixel format to request for the OpenGL graphics context.


Another OpenGL graphics context whose texture namespace and display lists you want to share with the receiver. If you do not want to share those features with another graphics context, you may pass nil for this parameter.

Return Value

An NSOpenGLContext object initialized with the specified parameters, or nil if the object could not be created.


If the parameters contain invalid information, this method returns nil. This may happen if one of the following situations occurs:

  • The format parameter is nil or contains an invalid pixel format.

  • The share parameter is not nil and contains an invalid context.

  • The share parameter contains a context with a pixel format that is incompatible with the one in format.

Pixel formats are incompatible if they use different renderers; this can happen if, for example, one format required an accumulation buffer that could only be provided by the software renderer, and the other format did not.

See Also

Context Creation

- initWithCGLContextObj:

Initializes and returns a NSOpenGLContext object using an existing CGL context.