Instance Method


Tells the delegate that the user confirmed a filename choice by clicking Save in a Save panel.


optional func panel(_ sender: Any, userEnteredFilename filename: String, confirmed okFlag: Bool) -> String?



The panel that reports the user’s confirmation of a filename choice.


The user’s filename choice.


If true, the user clicked the Save button; if false, the user did not.

Return Value

The filename selected by the user, or nil if you want to cancel the save operation and leave the Save panel onscreen.


The Save panel calls this method before appending any required filename extension information, and before it asks the user whether to replace an existing file, if a file with the specified name already exists in the given location.

The panel may call this method multiple times as the user types. When it does, the okFlag parameter is false. When the use confirms their choice, the value in the okFlag is true. If your delegate does extensive validation or puts up alerts, do so only when okFlag is true.

In macOS 10.15 and later, you cannot change the filename that the user selects. Prior to macOS 10.15, you could sanitize the app's filename to remove undesirable characters or limit its length only if your app wasn't running in a sandbox.

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