A set of methods for managing interactions with an open or save panel.


protocol NSOpenSavePanelDelegate


Responding to the User's Selection

func panel(Any, userEnteredFilename: String, confirmed: Bool) -> String?

Tells the delegate that the user confirmed a filename choice by clicking Save in a Save panel.

Responding to Panel Changes

func panelSelectionDidChange(Any?)

Tells the delegate that the user changed the selection in the specified Save panel.

func panel(Any, didChangeToDirectoryURL: URL?)

Tells the delegate that the user changed the selected directory to the directory located at the specified URL.

func panel(Any, willExpand: Bool)

Tells the delegate that the Save panel is about to expand or collapse because the user clicked the disclosure triangle that displays or hides the file browser.

Validating the Panel Content

func panel(Any, shouldEnable: URL) -> Bool

Asks the delegate whether the specified URL should be enabled in the Open panel.

func panel(Any, validate: URL)

Asks the delegate to validate the URL for a file that the user selected.


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Open and Save Panels

class NSOpenPanel

A panel that prompts the user to select a file to open.

class NSSavePanel

A panel that prompts the user for information about where to save a file.