Instance Method


Expands a specified item and, optionally, its children.


func expandItem(_ item: Any?, expandChildren: Bool)



An item in the receiver.

Starting in OS X version 10.5, passing 'nil' will expand each item under the root in the outline view.


If true, recursively expands item and its children. If false, expands item only (identical to expandItem(_:)).


For example, this method is invoked with the expandChildren parameter set to true when a user Option-clicks the disclosure triangle for an item in the outline view (to expand the item and all its contained items).

For each item expanded, posts an item expanded notification.

See Also

Expanding and Collapsing the Outline

func expandItem(Any?)

Expands a given item.

func collapseItem(Any?)

Collapses a given item.

func collapseItem(Any?, collapseChildren: Bool)

Collapses a given item and, optionally, its children.