The NSPageControllerDelegate protocol allows you to customize the behavior of instances of the NSPageController class.


protocol NSPageControllerDelegate


See NSPageController for more information.


Transition Notification

func pageControllerWillStartLiveTransition(NSPageController)

This message is sent when the user begins a transition.

func pageControllerDidEndLiveTransition(NSPageController)

This message is sent when a transition animation completes.

func pageController(NSPageController, didTransitionTo: Any)

This message is sent when any page transition is completed.

Managing View Controllers

func pageController(NSPageController, identifierFor: Any) -> NSPageController.ObjectIdentifier

Return the identifier of the view controller that owns a view to display the object.

func pageController(NSPageController, viewControllerForIdentifier: NSPageController.ObjectIdentifier) -> NSViewController

Returns a view controller the page controller uses for managing the specified identifier.

func pageController(NSPageController, prepare: NSViewController, with: Any?)

Prepare the view controller and it’s view for drawing.

func pageController(NSPageController, frameFor: Any?) -> NSRect

Returns the frame appropriate for displaying the specified object.


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See Also

Customizing the Paged Interface Behavior

var delegate: NSPageControllerDelegate?

The page controller’s delegate object.