Type Property


A representation of a file’s contents.


static let fileContents: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType


The file contents pboard type allowed you to synthesize a pboard type for a file's contents based on the file's extension.

In macOS 10.6 and later, you should use the UTI of a file to represent its contents instead.

See Also

Pasteboard Types

static let URL: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

URL data for one file or resource.

static let findPanelSearchOptions: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

Type for NSFindPanel metadata property list. Used with the NSPasteBoard method propertyList(forType:).

static let font: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

Font and character information.

static let html: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

HTML (which an NSTextView object can read from, but not write to).

static let postScript: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) code.

static let ruler: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

Paragraph formatting information.

static let tabularText: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

An NSString object containing tab-separated fields of text.

static let textFinderOptions: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

Type for the Find panel metadata property list.

static let tiff: NSPasteboard.PasteboardType

Tag Image File Format (TIFF) data.