Type Property


Returns the class used to create pathComponentCell objects when automatically filling up the control.


class var pathComponentCellClass: AnyClass { get }

Return Value

The class used to create NSPathComponentCell objects.


Subclasses can override this method to return a custom cell class that is automatically used. By default, the method returns [NSPathComponentCell class], or a specialized subclass thereof.

See Also

Managing Path Components

func rect(of: NSPathComponentCell, withFrame: NSRect, in: NSView) -> NSRect

Returns the current rectangle being displayed for a given path component cell, with respect to a given frame in a given view.

func pathComponentCell(at: NSPoint, withFrame: NSRect, in: NSView) -> NSPathComponentCell?

Returns the cell located at the given point within the given frame of the given view.

var clickedPathComponentCell: NSPathComponentCell?

Sets the value of the path displayed by the receiver.

var pathComponentCells: [NSPathComponentCell]

Sets the array of NSPathComponentCell objects currently being displayed.