An object that can render an image from a PDF format data stream.


class NSPDFImageRep : NSImageRep


Creating an NSPDFImageRep

init?(data: Data)

Returns an NSPDFImageRep object initialized with the specified PDF data.

Getting Image Data

var bounds: NSRect

The receiver's bounding rectangle.

var currentPage: Int

The page currently displayed by the image representation.

var pageCount: Int

The number of pages in the receiver.

var pdfRepresentation: Data

The PDF representation of the receiver's image.


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Vector Formats

class NSPDFInfo

An object that stores information associated with the creation of a PDF file, such as its URL, tag names, page orientation, and paper size.

class NSEPSImageRep

An object that can render an image from encapsulated PostScript (EPS) code.