A Save or Export as PDF panel that’s consistent with the macOS user interface.


class NSPDFPanel : NSObject


A PDF panel has a variety of built-in customization controls, such as page orientation, paper size, and tags. It also supports the use of a custom accessory view controller that allows an app to specify how a PDF file should be created.


Managing the Contents of a PDF Panel

var accessoryController: NSViewController?

A view controller for the accessory view that the panel can present.

var options: NSPDFPanel.Options

A set of configuration options that determine the accessory views the PDF panel should display.

var defaultFileName: String

The initial value for the user-editable filename shown in the name field of the PDF panel.

Displaying a PDF Panel


struct NSPDFPanel.Options

Constants used to configure the contents of a PDF panel.


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Print and PDF Panels

protocol NSPrintPanelAccessorizing

A set of methods that a print panel object can use to get information from a printing accessory controller.