A bar item that provides a two-state control that can expand into its second state, showing the contents of a bar that it owns.


class NSPopoverTouchBarItem : NSTouchBarItem


Configuring the Collapsed Popover

var collapsedRepresentation: NSView

The view displayed when this item is displayed in its parent bar.

var collapsedRepresentationImage: NSImage?

The image displayed by the button for the default collapsed representation.

var collapsedRepresentationLabel: String

The localized string displayed by the button for the default collapsed representation.

Configuring the Expanded Popover

var popoverTouchBar: NSTouchBar

The bar displayed when this item is "popped."

var showsCloseButton: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether a close button should be shown on the popover bar.

var pressAndHoldTouchBar: NSTouchBar?

The bar that is displayed when a user press-and-holds on the popover item.

Expanding and Collapsing a Popover

func showPopover(Any?)

Replaces the main bar with this item's popover bar.

func dismissPopover(Any?)

Restores the previously visible main bar.

func makeStandardActivatePopoverGestureRecognizer() -> NSGestureRecognizer

Returns a gesture recognizer, configured to invoke the showPopover(_:) method.

Configuring Bar Customization

var customizationLabel: String!

The user-visible string identifying this item during bar customization.


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Touch Bar Items

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class NSUserInterfaceCompressionOptions

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