Instance Method


Returns the menu item with the specified title.


func item(withTitle title: String) -> NSMenuItem?



The title of the menu item you want.

Return Value

The menu item, or nil if no item with the specified title exists in the menu.

See Also

Getting menu items

var menu: NSMenu?

The menu associated with the pop-up button.

var numberOfItems: Int

The number of items in the menu.

var itemArray: [NSMenuItem]

The array of menu item objects associated with the button.

func item(at: Int) -> NSMenuItem?

Returns the menu item at the specified index.

func itemTitle(at: Int) -> String

Returns the title of the item at the specified index.

var itemTitles: [String]

An array of strings corresponding to the titles of the items in the menu.

var lastItem: NSMenuItem?

The last item in the menu.