Instance Method


Inserts an item at the specified position in the menu.


func insertItem(withTitle title: String, at index: Int)



The title of the new item. If an item with the same title already exists in the menu, the existing item is removed and the new one is added


The zero-based index at which to insert the item. Specifying 0 inserts the item at the top of the menu.


The value in index must represent a valid position in the array. The menu item at index and all those that follow it are shifted down one slot to make room for the new menu item.

This method assigns the pop-up button’s default action and target to the new menu item. Use the menu item’s setAction: and setTarget: methods to assign a new action and target.

Because this method searches for duplicate items, it should not be used if you are adding an item to an already populated menu with more than a few hundred items. In a situation like this, add items directly to the button's menu instead.

See Also

Adding and removing items

func addItem(withTitle: String)

Adds an item with the specified title to the end of the menu.

func addItems(withTitles: [String])

Adds multiple items to the end of the menu.

func removeItem(withTitle: String)

Removes the item with the specified title from the menu.

func removeItem(at: Int)

Removes the item at the specified index.

func removeAllItems()

Removes all items in the receiver’s item menu.