Instance Method


Sets up the receiver to display a menu.


- (void)attachPopUpWithFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame inView:(NSView *)controlView;



The cell's rectangle, specified in points in the coordinate system of the view in the controlView parameter. The menu is attached to this rectangle.


The view in which to display the pop-up button's menu.


This call sets up the popup button cell to display a menu, which occurs in performClickWithFrame:inView:. This method sets the cell's control view and then highlights and redraws the cell. It does not show the menu.

This method also posts an NSPopUpButtonCellWillPopUpNotification. (The NSPopUpButton object sends a corresponding NSPopUpButtonWillPopUpNotification.)

You normally do not call this method explicitly. It is called by the Application Kit automatically when the menu for the pop-up button is to be displayed.

See Also

Handling events and action messages

- dismissPopUp

Dismisses the pop-up button’s menu by ordering its window out.

- performClickWithFrame:inView:

Displays the receiver’s menu and track mouse events in it.