Instance Method


Returns the subpredicates that should be made sub-rows of a given predicate.


- (NSArray<NSPredicate *> *)displayableSubpredicatesOfPredicate:(NSPredicate *)predicate;



A predicate object.

Return Value

The subpredicates that should be made sub-rows of predicate. For compound predicates (instances of NSCompoundPredicate), the array of subpredicates; for other types of predicate, returns nil. If a template represents a predicate in its entirety, or if the predicate has no subpredicates, returns nil.


You can override this method to create custom templates that handle complicated compound predicates.

See Also

Primitive Methods

- matchForPredicate:

Returns a positive number if the receiver can represent a given predicate, and 0 if it cannot.


Returns the views for the receiver.

- setPredicate:

Sets the value of the views according to the given predicate.

- predicateWithSubpredicates:

Returns the predicate represented by the receiver’s views' values and the given sub-predicates.