Instance Property


Returns the views for the receiver.


@property(readonly, copy) NSArray<NSView *> *templateViews;

Return Value

The views for the receiver.


Instances of NSPopUpButton are treated specially by NSPredicateEditor; their menu items are merged into a single popup button, and matching menu item titles are combined. In this way, a single tree is built from the separate templates.

See Also

Primitive Methods

- matchForPredicate:

Returns a positive number if the receiver can represent a given predicate, and 0 if it cannot.

- setPredicate:

Sets the value of the views according to the given predicate.

- displayableSubpredicatesOfPredicate:

Returns the subpredicates that should be made sub-rows of a given predicate.

- predicateWithSubpredicates:

Returns the predicate represented by the receiver’s views' values and the given sub-predicates.